The Theory of Divide and Rule

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A theory of divide and rule is followed by many but it is continuously destroying the peace of world. Whereas Islam is the religion of peace and it has always advised tranquility. Choosing Umrah Packages 2017 UK can help you witness the power of unity. No matter how filthy their relations are on international level but when they perform Hajj or Umrah, all the differences are kept aside and everyone heads towards the same destination chanting same words of praising Allah and his beauty. British follow the divide and conquer theory because they want to rule the world. Allah has already awarded Muslims with the system which covers every aspect of life. This theory leads towards the wars which are the source of massive destruction in the world. Before the battle of Badr, Muslims were advised to be patient and try to rush for the battle. Option of battle was taken when enemies in Makkah attacked few Muslims. At that time Muslims could have used this theory but it is not the attribute of any Muslim.

The system of the society which is proposed by Islam only proposes peace in the world. Theory of divide and rule will every time leads to the wars. In fact this time peace of world is destroyed because of this theory of British. A little issue ignites the fire which burns all the innocent around. Muslims are today divided because of their lack in faith.

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